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Fast Food Insights

Insight | “Phygital”


To optimize


add a smile


The challenge for fast food brands is to adopt relevant technology while retaining the human connection, which is part of the reason customers visit the restaurants. This connection of physical and digital is so important, it’s been given a name—"phygital.” Consumers expect fast food restaurants to expedite ordering and pick-up, but they also desire the more emotional aspects of the experience. Convenience is critical. But convenience with a smiling face and a genuine human interaction is a differentiator.


Lindsey Fellows

Geometry Global




Insight | Expectations


Brand gives


during change


Expectations have changed as more chains introduce mobile ordering and customization of menu items. For some brands the mobile app seems like a reach, from a customer behavior perspective, because the promise of convenience isn’t consistently delivered. Similarly, claims about healthiness are sometimes met with skepticism, especially by young people. Fast food customers seem to be looking for an authentic experience. It’s about owning the architecture of the brand then then being true to it.


Cailleigh Casey

Geometry Global




Insight | Authenticity




is now okay


If you’re going to be a burger restaurant then be a burger restaurant. Just use real meat. Don’t try to be super healthy because it’s not authentic or believable. Customers aren’t going in for a salad. They are there for an indulgence. The idea of healthy as changed. Earlier it was more about ingredients, no carbs, for example. Now it’s more about the quality of the meat and the idea of eating it in moderation. And the choice of food varieties and restaurants is enormous, which makes it difficult for fast food brands that are narrowly focused only on being the healthy option. It’s about finding your space and not veering too far in pursuit of a trend.


Carolina Luttmann

Kantar Millward Brown