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Fast Food Insights

Fast Food Insights

Insight | Operations

New operations added to handle online ordering

Brands need to do all the core functions of hospitality well. But because many brands are growing rapidly, capacity has become a huge issue. It is challenging just to serve meals to customers who visit the restaurants. A long line at the pick-up window will discourage people from stopping. These challenges have been compounded by online ordering and explosion of delivery options, which has added orders and customers but also stressed operations beyond current capabilities. Brands are now thinking outside the four walls of the restaurant and even beyond the parking lot. Some fast food brands are looking at centralized distribution hubs for fulfilling online orders. Others are partnering with “dark kitchens,” behind-the-scenes operations that can cook and sometimes deliver for multiple brands.

Brittany Beisner

Senior Consultant, Brand & Marketing Practice

Kantar, Consulting Division


Insight | Time Investment

Time invested drives consumer eating decisions

The big story in food service is about blurring lines between at-home and out-of-home eating. A huge shift in the way we are approaching eating is underway, with the consideration dominating consumers decision-making on a meals now anchored more on high-time-investment eating vs. low-time-investment. Fast food brands are not only competing against each other, but also against many other low-time investment ways of preparing food – from usual suspects like delivery to less obvious ones like ingredient delivery services, small appliances like Instant Pot, and meal replacement products like Soylent. Fast food companies are challenged with navigating this new competitive environment, where consumers have more choices than ever when they want to eat conveniently and quickly without time and effort.

Wayne Pan

Senior Consultant

Kantar, Consulting Division