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Fast Food Insights

Competition sends brands back to basics


There’s been a return to basics. McDonald’s is the bellwether. Its competition is coming from chains like In-N-Out, Smash Burger, Five Guys, or Shake Shack that offer a superior product without going to the level of family dining. At the same time, Starbucks is evolving and focusing on its premium Roasters cafes. Also, like Amazon, the fast food brands are trying to remove friction from the order and delivery process. Amazon has set the bar for delivery. Clearing the bar will be a greater challenge for chains whose menus that offer combinations of ingredients.


Philip Herr

Senior Vice President, Client Service

Kantar Millward Brown






Brands flex to meet the expectations of millennial customers


Brands in the category have worked to flex their offerings around millennial customers. They are assessing all dimensions of the experience, including the look and feel of their sites, while also addressing Millennials’ different expectations about the quality of ingredients. They need to know not only that ingredients are safe and healthy, fresh and organic, but even its provenance - to understand where it comes from!


Fraser Riddell

Chief Client Officer