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Company: Swisscom AG

Brand value: US$891 million

Change since 2018: NEW ENTRY!

Headquarter city: Milan

Category: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 1999

Fastweb is a mobile phone and broadband internet provider focused on innovation and the quality of its infrastructure. It has 2.5 million customers and has been growing rapidly, particularly in the mobile sector, offering “new generation” mobile services based on 4G technology and 4G Plus. In 2018, Fastweb launched 5G trials in the cities of Rome, Bari and Matera, with the goal of leveraging existing infrastructure to rapidly deploy a national 5G network. Fastweb’s ultra-broadband is delivered via a national fiber-optic network comprising over 4 million km of fiber, reaching 21 million households. The brand has been strengthened by its “Niente Come Prima" (“Like nothing before”) communications strategy, which focuses on the brand’s offers and its relationship with consumers, based on trust, clarity and fairness. Advertising features sprinter Filippo Tortu, linking to the brand’s promises regarding the speed of its connections. Fastweb sponosrs the Italian Federation of Athletics (FIDAL).