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Experience and innovation

The biggest challenges deliver the greatest rewards.


Of the five contributing factors to brand vitality – or a strong vQ score – there are two that stand out as being both difficult to do well in, and the most rewarding in terms of their effect on brand value.


Innovation and experience both have a disproportionately high impact on a brand’s monetary value, showing that investment in these areas is particularly important. It’s also clear that among Germany’s leading brands, relatively few are peak performers in these two areas.


The 10 most valuable brands in the ranking are only 15 percent more innovative than all German brands, and they outperform the average on experience by the same proportion. The Top 50 are only 8 percent better than average on experience, and 7 percent stronger on innovation. These are areas ripe for greater focus and investment.







Learning from the global ‘Fearsome Five’


The five brands at the top of the BrandZ Top 100 Global Brands ranking are not just huge and immensely valuable, they’re continuing to grow at a tremendous pace.


Much of that can be attributed to innovation and the experience they deliver to consumers. These brands show the multiplier effect of being innovative, having that innovation recognized, and using innovation to improve the customer experience. When all these efforts combine, the result is an immensely powerful driver of growth in brand value.


Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook – we call them the Fearsome Five – are in what might be considered hot categories in which it’s potentially easier to post strong growth. But let’s not forget that while these are all brands with a youthful outlook, none of them – perhaps with the exception of Facebook – is particularly young any more. They do work hard to stay fresh and relevant, however, and are seen as being among the most disruptive brands in the world in any category, even though they are all market leaders.


Their commitment to the consumer experience and to innovation is evident across all of these brands.




These brands have made a long-term commitment to innovation that is well recognized among consumers and has paid dividends over many years. This commitment continues to reward the brands now. The brand value of Amazon, for instance, has almost doubled in the past year alone.