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Swine fever chills

food category value

Trade tensions also impact the category

The food category rose 38 percent in value reflecting record high pork prices in China and the performance of the one food brand in the BrandZ™ China Top 100, Shuanghui. The African Swine Fever epidemic reduced pork inventory and pushed up prices and margins.

Responding to Chinese-US trade tensions, WH Group, corporate parent of Henan Shuaghui Investment & Development Company Ltd., altered its import and export strategies, increasing its pork product imports from Europe and South America. The COVID-19 epidemic had limited impact on Shuanghui or demand for pork in China.

Primarily in the packaged meats business, WH Group Ltd. also operates US-based Smithfield foods, which it acquired in 2013. To be consistent with the product category names used across the BrandZ™ library of brand valuation reports, the food and diary category was reorganized and renamed food in this edition of the BrandZ™ China Top 100.