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Digital Fragmentation – Challenge or Opportunity?

Hansal Savla

Senior Director

Kantar TNS, Indonesia


Indonesia’s digital landscape is maturing and fragmenting as a result of the growing range of digital activities available, and social media proliferation. It is challenging to manage myriad touchpoints, and impossible to invest in all of them. With increased fragmentation, consumers are already selecting channels and touchpoints based on their needs for specific tasks: Twitter for customer service and breaking news, perhaps, and Instagram for branded content.

Brands that take a more specialist approach to finding the right channel for their message can therefore seize a huge opportunity, riding the wave of this change in consumer behavior. Rather than treating all media touchpoints equally, brands should focus on excellent execution at key focal points. This way they can “own” key moments of engagement – and differentiate themselves from their competitors in those moments. The opportunity to navigate digital fragmentation has three dimensions: right medium, right content and right moment.