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France and the global social network picture

Florence Doré
Directrice des Pôles Agences et International, Det Commercial

France and the global social network picture

Three out of four internet users around the world use social media at least once a day, but France lags behind when it comes to social media penetration.

Kantar’s recent study “TGI Global Quick View Report - Use of social networks around the world” confirms the global impact of the social web, with 82 percent of connected consumers in the world’s 22 largest markets reporting that they use social media; three out of four do so at least once a day.

The three countries most fond of social media are Brazil (92 percent), Mexico (91 percent) and Argentina (89 percent). France ranks among the last four countries, with a penetration rate of 67 percent.

More than 60,000 internet users, including 4,000 in France, participated in the survey, which was conducted using Kantar’s Global Quick View TGI data, a solution that analyzes digital media consumption and purchasing preferences.

The study also shows that the active population on the networks is quite young, with more than one in two users aged 16 to 34. Facebook (48 percent), YouTube (41 percent) and Instagram (28 percent) have the lion’s share.

The smartphone, popular with 89 percent of respondents, is the most widely used digital device to access social networks, followed by the computer (80.5 percent) and the tablet (45 percent). Preferred activities include social networking (98 percent), instant messaging (87 percent), and reading or writing blogs (70 percent).

This is a world with enormous potential for brands. Globally, one in four internet users say they are willing to participate in online discussions about brands, and 19 percent interact with them at least once a week.