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From meaningful to different

From meaningful to different

Sharing an 800km journey with a perfect stranger in your car, asking a voice assistant to tell you the latest news about your favorite singer, having access to millions of songs for €10 a month, or being able to make yourself a premium coffee at home using a capsule. All these are now part of everyday life, but only 10 years ago, or less, would have been available only to a small group of individuals (who we surely, we called "frikis", or “geeks”).

And, why are we all "frikies" now? Because brands have made different things become meaningful. If 30 years ago, the important thing was to be notorious, regardless of your ability to differentiate yourself, technology has served so that, in 2019, brands that really are different are those that occupy an important space in our life.

Review the brands you talk about the most, the ones your friends use the most, and think for a moment about how you used those brands 10 years ago, if they even existed. After all, Uber was created in 2009, and Airbnb in 2008. Surely, it was very different from what you do now.

The challenge for big brands is to find that point of differentiation and exploit it to the fullest. The massive use of technology allows to know firsthand – and quickly – if that differentiation has resonated with the consumer. If it has not, take the necessary actions so that your brand retraces its path. Doing nothing is much worse than making mistakes: other brands will come quickly to take your place. 

Ricardo Pérez

Brand Strategy Domain Director

Kantar Millward Brown