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Company: L’Oréal Group

Brand Value: US$ 6,847 million

Change since 2018: 3%

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Personal Care

Year Formed: 1904

Garnier is a haircare and skincare brand, which began with a single product, a plant-based hair lotion, and now has a range of sub-brands across multiple categories. These include Fructis, Ambre Solaire and Nutrisse. In 2018, Fructis launched a new mask range called Hair Food, which used techniques usually used to promote food – fruity images and scents, in a large tub – to highlight the nourishing power of fruity ingredients. In its communications, Garnier highlights its century-long heritage and the blend of natural ingredients used in its products. In mid-2018, Garnier became the first mass-market skincare brand to achieve “Cradle to Cradle” Silver certification for five of the products in its SkinActive line. Certification is based on factors such as use of resources, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship and social fairness practices. The certification is part of parent company global commitment to innovate, produce and develop sustainably through its global sustainability program, “Sharing Beauty With All”.