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Gen Z- Winning Their Hearts

Maura Soewarna

Senior Art Director



Gen Z: Winning Their Hearts

Who would have thought playing Mobile Legends for a living could earn someone millions of dollars? Some of us still don’t believe it, but that’s the reality we must adapt to. It is mind-blowing for us to hear kids say they want to be a professional YouTuber, or even a professional e-sports gamer, but look at how big the opportunity is.

They are living in a world that we didn’t think was possible 10 or 20 years ago. We always thought of becoming engineers or doctors as an aspirational career, but these kids have other ideas.

To get this generation of consumers and future consumers to fall in love with us, we must change assumptions we have held for decades. Here are three ways to do that:

  1. Don’t interrupt what they love, be what they love
    Why talk about Star Wars if we could be the next Star Wars? Creating a new culture and making them turn their heads towards us is way more important. They crave new experiences all the time; keep that in mind.
  2. It’s a world of two-way communication
    Why hold them for 15 seconds if we could maintain a long-lasting relationship? Once we grab their attention, we must be ready to provide room for them to express themselves in a meaningful way. Repeat.
  3. Our consumers are our new mediums
    Our ads won’t just stop on TV, YouTube, Instagram, or whatever we place them. Consumers will pass on ads they love to their peers, friends and family members. Make sure ads are worth sharing.

Understanding Generation Z is not easy. Making them fall in love with us is hard. But this is a new kind of world that must be approached with a new kind of advertising. Ready or not, we have to start somewhere, somehow.