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General Electric

General Electric

Company: General Electric Company

Brand Value: $46,435 Million

Headquarters: Boston

Category: Conglomerate

Year formed: 1892

The only remaining original member of the Dow Index, GE is an international conglomerate that sells products and services to everyone from everyday customers to the largest companies and governments in the world. Its major business units include GE Power, GE Healthcare, GE Lighting, Baker Hughes, GE Aviation, GE Capital, Current powered by GE, and GE Renewable Energy (GE Appliances is a popular consumer brand no longer owned by the company). One of GE’s primary outreaches to American consumers is through Ecoimagination; a business strategy that seeks to invest in clean energy, solar power generation, energy-efficient locomotives, fuel cell technology, and much more—though the company’s recent acquisition of Baker Hughes also makes it one of the world’s largest service providers for the oil and gas industry. The company is one of an elite group that has paid a dividend for over 100 years.