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The brand composition of the BrandZ

Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands has remained substantially consistent since the ranking launched in 2006. This result reflects the remarkable stability of high-value brands.

Over the past decade, 42 brands entered or dropped out of the ranking, an average of only four or five brands per year. China and other fast-growing markets drove most of that change.

The consistency of the BrandZTM Global Top 100 brands is evident in the 13 product categories covered in the report. With two exceptions, at least half of the brands that comprised the original Top 10 in each category are present today. In four categories – beer, fast food and personal care – seven of the original Top 10 remain.

The most stable categories are those where capital investment creates the highest barriers to entry. In both cars and oil and gas, eight of the Top 10 brands have not changed. These categories include some of the oldest brands.

More brands changed in categories that experienced extreme disruption, like retail, where only five of the original 2006 Top 10 brands remain. E-commerce provided easier access to the category, which attracted younger, more innovative brands. Only four of the original brands remain in insurance because of market disruption and the addition of high-value Chinese insurance brands in 2011.

As competition heats up across categories in the next 10 years, reaching and remaining in the Global Top 100 will become even more difficult. Growing sustainable Brand Value will more than ever require cultivating meaningful difference and then communicating effectively to make the difference salient in the mind of the consumer.