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Global 2015: 10 YEAR RESULTS | TOP 10 RISERS

Five of the 10 Top Riser brands come from technology or telecom providers categories. These are high value and high salience brands. Their presence isn’t surprising. However, the presence of five other categories – retail, fast food, beer, apparel and luxury – indicates that brand value growth is widely distributed. Brands within all these categories excelled in brand growth for different reasons.

Domino's Pizza won on brand strength and communication. It responded boldly to consumer criticisms about product taste by improving its recipe and communicating honestly about the change. Apple’s Brand Value reflects its commitment to being different in the products it makes and the brand experience it provides. The constant innovation and disruption that characterized Amazon’s last decade drove value growth.

For many of the brands that increased most in Brand Value over the past 10 years, the rise was steady, but not without bumps. In 2010, when consumers adjusted their post- recession spending, the apparel category declined 4 percent in brand value, and Zara increased, but only 4 percent.

In 2012, although Facebook’s Brand Value increased 74 percent on the strength of its IPO, the technology category increased only 2 percent, as fierce competition and efforts to adjust businesses from locally based devices to the cloud impacted many brands. Google declined that year by 3 percent in Brand Value, SAP by 1 percent.

The importance of the brand value increases for these 10-Year Top 10 Risers is not simply that the Brand Value increased, but that it increased in a sustainable way, rising over time despite the year-to-year ups and downs.