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Brand Contribution measures the strength of brand alone on earnings, without the influence of financials or external factors. It’s expressed on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being highest. 

Brands ranked in the Brand Contribution Top 15 came from diverse categories.

Five of the Top 15 came from luxury, three from personal care, three from beer, and one each from fast food, soft drinks, technology and baby care.

Brands in these categories struggled with difficult forces of change, including evolving consumer attitudes. The luxury and personal care brands were also especially impacted by slower economic growth in China. The Brand Contribution Top 15 succeeded despite category pressures.

Brand Contribution also helps sustain success. Ten of this year's Top 15 also ranked in the Brand Contribution Top 15 last year: Panera, Gucci, Pampers, Coca-Cola, Herme?s, Chanel, Gillette, Burberry, Baidu and Louis Vuitton.

Guinness, which was not present in the 2014 ranking, appeared in prior years, while these brands appeared in the BrandZTM Brand Contribution Top 15 for the first time: Estee? Lauder, Heineken, Corona and Clinique.