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The BrandZTM brand valuation contact details

The brand valuations in the BrandZTM Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands are produced by Millward Brown, using financial data from Kantar Retail and Bloomberg.

The consumer viewpoint is derived from the BrandZTM database. Established in 1998 and constantly updated, this database of brand analytics and equity is the world’s largest, based on over three million consumer interviews about more than 100,000 different brands in over 50 markets.

For further information about BrandZTM contact any WPP Group company or:

Doreen Wang

Global Head of BrandZTM
Millward Brown
+1 212 548 7231 Doreen.Wang@millwardbrown.com

Martin Guerrieria

Global BrandZTM Research Director Millward Brown
+44 (0) 207 126 5073 Martin.Guerrieria@millwardbrown.com

Elspeth Cheung

Global BrandZTM Valuation Director Millward Brown
+44 (0) 207 126 5174 Elspeth.Cheung@millwardbrown.com


The Bloomberg Professional service is the source of real-time and historical financial news and information for central banks, investment institutions, commercial banks, government offices and agencies, law firms, corporations and news organizations in over 150 countries. (For more information, please visit www.bloomberg.com)

These individuals created the report, providing valuations, research, analysis and insight, editorial, photography, production, marketing and communications


Aman Aggarwal is Research Analyst for BrandZTM valuation at Millward Brown. He is responsible for financial analysis, performing valuations, brand profiles research and commercial validation for the BrandZTM rankings.

Amandine Bavent is a BrandZTM Valuation Manager for Millward Brown. She manages the brand valuation projects for BrandZTM. Her role involves conducting financial analysis, researching brands and performing valuation.

Elspeth Cheung is the Global BrandZTM Valuation Director for Millward Brown.
She is responsible for valuation, analysis, client management and external communication for the BrandZTM rankings and other ad hoc brand valuation projects. 

Dede Fitch is Global BrandZTM Analyst and Knowledge Curator at Millward Brown. She has 19 years of experience working with brand equity measurement and is responsible for creating and disseminating knowledge based on BrandZTM analysis.


Martin Guerrieria is Global BrandZTM Research Director at Millward Brown and heads the consumer research component of BrandZTM. He is involved    in delivering the full suite of BrandZTM research tools and in designing new components such as the recently re- launched CharacterZ brand personality tool.

Miquet Humphryes is Director of Global Corporate Marketing at Millward Brown. She is responsible for overseeing the marketing and communications for the Top 100 ranking.

Ben Marshall is Global Communications and Marketing Assistant at Millward
Brown and assists with the marketing and communications of the BrandZTM projects.

Gaurav Mittal is a Research Analyst of BrandZTM valuation at Millward Brown. He is responsible for financial analysis, brand profiles research and commercial validation for the BrandZTM rankings.


Cecilie Østergren is a professional photographer based in Denmark, she has worked closely with WPP agencies since 2009. Cecilie specializes in documentary, consumer insight and portraits. She has travelled extensively in China, Brazil and other locations to photograph images for the BrandZTM reports. www.ostergren.dk


Paul is a multi-award winning British photographer, who has travelled the world capturing people, landscapes and commercial images. Now in Shanghai, he is using Asia as a base to capture even more stunning landscape photographs of the eastern hemisphere before returning to London and the USA. www.paulreiffer.com

David Roth is the CEO of the Store WPP for Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, and leads the BrandZTM worldwide project. Prior to joining WPP David was main board Director of the international retailer, B&Q.

Ken Schept is a professional writer specializing in articles and reports about brands, marketing and retailing. For the past several years he’s helped develop the BrandZTM library of reports. He spent much of his career as an editor with a leading US business media publisher.

Raam Tarat is Global Communications and Marketing Manager at Millward Brown. He works as Project Manager for the BrandZTM Global Top 100 report as well as on marketing and communications of BrandZTM projects, liaising with contributors worldwide and coordinating production.

Peter Walshe is Global Strategy Director of BrandZTM and was involved in the creation of this brand equity and insight tool 17 years ago, and has contributed to all the valuation studies and developed BrandZTM metrics, including CharacterZ, TrustR, and RepZ.

Doreen Wang is the Global Head of BrandZTM for Millward Brown, and a seasoned executive with 15 years experience in providing outstanding market research and strategic consulting for senior executives in Fortune 500 companies in both the US and China.

With thanks and appreciation to: 

Richard Ballard, Tuhin Dasgupta, Eugene Docherty, Susan Hickey, Nigel Hollis, Cindy Kroeger, Anthony Marris, Rebecca Rogers, Margarita Ylla