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GLOBAL 2016: Brand Contribution confers stability and growth potential

All but three of the brands that appear in the 2016 BrandZ™ Brand Contribution Top 15 also appeared last year. That level of consistency underscores how Brand Contribution stabilizes brands for sustained growth.
Brand Contribution is the BrandZ™ metric that describes the extent to which brand alone, independent of financial or market factors, drives purchasing volume and enables a brand to command a price premium. A brand with a high Brand Contribution score is one that is regarded warmly and positively by consumers; the brand name brings positive associations to mind.
Of the 2016 Brand Contribution Top 15, five sit in the beer category and five in luxury. These results are consistent with prior years, because brand plays an especially important role driving value in these two categories.
The three brands new to this year’s Brand Contribution Top 15 are beers, all from Latin America. They include Aguila, a Colombian beer; and Brahma and Skol, both from Brazil. Although global brewers own these brands, each benefits from strong local provenance. Molson-Coors owns Aguila and AB InBev owns Brahma and Skol.
The way that Brand Contribution adds brand stability and growth potential is illustrated in soft drinks and fast foods, two categories affected by consumers’ health concerns. The high Brand Contribution scores of Coca-Cola and Panera represent a level of goodwill that gives those brands time to adjust to changing consumer expectations.
Brand Contribution is expressed on a scale of one to five, five being highest. (For complete details, please see the BrandZ™ Valuation Methodology .)