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GLOBAL 2016: Brand stories need to touch young people interested in mobility

The rise of car sharing, especially amongst younger people, highlights the importance of affordable mobility as well as the specific brand of car. Car manufacturers who have traditionally relied on communicating a company’s heritage at a brand and/or model level now need to work harder at communicating benefits at a ‘cultural’ level, especially to those who do not currently drive. These new consumers are less interested in car content and features and more interested in car sharing networks and technology, as this traditional niche becomes more mainstream. Studies reveal that the millennial generation is avoiding car ownership in this new era of social media, and auto manufacturers have started to take note. The need for mobility will always exist, though it is continually morphing into new, more efficient realms. The automobile is not going away, but the idea of sharing them is gaining more ground.
Nick Bull

Senior Business Development Director
Millward Brown