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GLOBAL 2016: Business-to-Business: Action Points

Prescriptive advice for hiring millennials

1. Be present online.
Millennials spend a lot of time researching companies. They are interested not only in an organization’s products and services, but also in its culture and values. And they search for this information using social media and other online resources.
2. Offer challenging work opportunities.
Compensation is important to millennials, and they will expect to be paid what they believe they are worth. But career advancement, not money, is the number one reason that millennials change jobs.
3. Be flexible.
Millennials are career focused, but not in the same way as earlier generations. They want to advance at work, but they do not want to make unreasonable sacrifices in other aspects of their lives. Work-life balance is important to them.
4. Be purpose driven.
Given the option, millennials are likely to choose employers whose values correspond with their own and whose brands are known for making the world a better place.
5. Understand the differing job priorities of men and women.
Men and women share the top reasons for changing jobs. They want advancement, better pay and challenging work – in that order. But their attitudes differ somewhat. Women are more concerned with work-life balance and corporate culture. Men look for innovative, challenging work.
6. Look beyond your industry.
In the early stages of their careers and eager to advance, millennials are open moving into new job functions and even changing industries.