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GLOBAL 2016: Depict women as culture does, as multifaceted

Just as the cultural conversation around femininity has broadened beyond obvious traits and tropes, so too has that around beauty. Ushered in by Dove with their inaugural ‘Campaign for real beauty’, we have seen a wider definition of what constitutes gorgeous pervade culture. While the self-care giant introduced a timely celebration (and reappraisal) of diverse types of beauty and has now shifted to a focus on positive self-esteem, the tide of culture is fast moving beyond an appreciation of looks and consequent good feeling about those aesthetics, to the full spectrum of everything a woman is about. We see the woman in all of her glorious multiplicity being celebrated in areas of culture as myriad as fashion to technology: her abilities and achievements, her intellect, the depth of her spiritual connection to herself – the list goes on. If this is how women are being represented in wider culture, the implications for the beauty industry are clear: dimensionalize your subject or risk being rendered obsolete.
Laura Tarbox
Strategic Director, Cultural Strategy
Added Value