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GLOBAL 2016: Social mission is good, but not a differentiator

Personal Care brands adopting social missions to add legitimacy and differentiation to their point of view hasn’t yet run its course, but for many it will. Because many big Personal Care brands have seen the value of and embraced social missions they are no longer differentiating.  Purpose however is something different. Purpose does not have to be tied to giving back to society at large, it can simply be can be to make you more attractive, successful, happy or safe. It’s having a clearly defined direction that human beings can relate to and those brands in Personal Care (and beyond) that have that clearly defined and Meaningful purpose are those that lead. 
In Personal Care it is the smaller, agile, local players that are becoming those with more defined purpose and highlight the value of this by being able to charge a premium for it.
Piers Lindsay-Taylor
Sales and Client Management
Millward Brown