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GLOBAL 2016: With more competition and offer confusion, brand trust is critical

Few telecoms operators know what business they’re going to be in in five years’ time, so they’re covering all their bases in the hope and expectation that one of those bases will be the mother lode. Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Google all have a very personal relationship with the people who interact with them. That’s what scares telcos. The question they are asking themselves is: what can I layer over my network that people actually want? Telecoms have content, gaming and entertainment packages including sports rights, but it’s got to be exclusive, because unless the content is exclusive, it’s not worth anything. Consumers will consider content, speed, and data but, ultimately, in a soup of offer confusion a defining factor in all of that choice will be which brand do I trust more?
Andrew Bone
Regional Director
Hill+Knowlton Strategies