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Global TV formats prove to be local hits



COMPANY Media Nusantara Citra Tbk PT

BRAND VALUE US$ 276 million



INDUSTRY Entertainment



RCTI was the first non-state-owned Indonesian broadcaster to take to the airwaves, and its mix of news, sport, drama, music and reality shows has made it the station with the strongest viewership. It accounts for 19.3 percent of TV viewing and its prime-time audience share registered an all-time high of 29.4 percent in 2016.  The flagship news program “Seputar Indonesia” is a strong draw, as is the station’s football coverage. RCTI has the rights to the English Premier League, which is especially popular with Indonesian men. Its top-rating dramas include Anak Jalanan and Anugerah Cinta. The station also takes leading program formats from around the world and adapts them for the local market. These shows include The Voice, Rising Star, and most recently Iron Chef, a cooking program from Japan, which first aired in Indonesia in April 2017. It also hosts its own annual music and acting awards. Since 1992, RCTI has described itself as “The pride of the nation” and used the tagline “RCTI Oke” (RCTI, okay!) in its advertising. RCTI revenue was up 8 percent in 2016. The channel is available free to air in a few cities in Timor-Leste, in Johor Bahru in Malaysia, and in Singapore by consumers with an antenna. RCTI is 100 percent owned by PT Media Nusantara Citra (MNC), which also owns Global TV and 75 percent of MNCTV, both private Indonesian television stations. MNC is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.