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Company: GOJEK Indonesia PT

Brand Value: US$4,487 million

Year on Year Change: 88%

Headquarters: Jakarta

Category: Transport

Year Formed: 2010

GO-JEK launched as a ride-hailing service and has since expanded to become a hugely popular portal that promises to meet all of its customers’ needs. The business operates in 50 cities across Indonesia and in 2018 made its first international steps, launching in Vietnam in August, and Thailand a month later. The brand promotes three core strengths: speed, innovation, and creating social impact through technology. GO-JEK mobile app now enables consumers to get a ride, send packages, arrange for meals to be delivered, and arrange beauty services, as well as access a host of other services on demand. The brand’s tagline is “One app for all your needs”. GO-JEK sponsors the football league Liga 1, and has gained a reputation for its funny advertising. In 2018, its “retro modernity” themed ads with catchy (or some might say, annoying) tune went viral over Ramadhan, as did a parody of the campaign. BlackRock and Google were among investors in a GO-JEK fundraising round that generated more than $1.45 billion in 2018.