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Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Company: Goldman Sachs Group Inc.

Brand Value: $8,700 Million

Headquarters: New York, NY

Category: Banks

Year formed: 1869

Goldman Sachs is a globally recognized financial brand, involved in a wide range of activities, including investment banking, asset management, commercial banking, commodities trading, mutual funds, and bond underwriting. Traditionally, it has served an elite clientele composed of everyone from wealthy individuals and Fortune 500 corporations to institutional investors and sovereign wealth funds. It is also known in the United States for providing the national government with Secretaries of the Treasury, including the current one, Steve Mnuchin. In recent years, Goldman Sachs has taken its brand in new directions. For example, it is now the largest tech startup investor of any major U.S. corporation with notable investments in Uber and Spotify. It has also started marketing services to individuals, opening GS Bank, an Internet bank that requires only $1 to open an account. It has even reached out to startups and small businesses with its digital-only Marcus program that provides loans under $30,000.