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Company: Diageo AG

Brand value: US$651 million

Change since 2019: NEW ENTRY!

Headquarter city: London

Category: Alcohol

Year formed: 1769

Gordon’s Gin, named after Alexander Gordon, was created more than 200 years ago and is now the world’s best-selling gin, sold in over 180 countries. The brand says that a bottle of Gordon’s is sold somewhere in the world every six seconds. It was distilled using ingredients that led to it being recognised as the “ginniest” of gins, designed to contribute to the perfect G&T. London Dry is the classic Gordon’s product, though the range has been expanding with flavoured blends including Premium Pink Gin, Elderberry and – new in 2020 – a Sicilian Lemon variety and a Mediterranean Orange Gordon’s. In late 2019, Gordon’s created a branded experience to spice up London commuters’ journey home, with “The Gordon’s Line” taking passengers along the Thames, with complimentary G&T, snacks and a saxophonist for entertainment. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Gordon’s partnered with Kaya FM to launch a radio conversation series to support people in the hard-hit entertainment industry.