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Great expectations

Marie Dollé

Head of Content & Digital

Kantar Media


Brands are increasingly being exposed, criticized and challenged by consumers, who are more and more informed and demanding. In this context, brands must change their approach to communications to take consumers’ growing expectations into account. Here are four major movements we see emerging:


The consumer wants #nofilter – a return to reality and simplicity, so brands must show honesty, frankness and sincerity. Especially given that consumers can check. Now is the time for utter transparency in advertising.


The consumer demands the best, so brands must compete on performance and quality. In addition, their offer must be relevant and tailor-made in order to provide consumption à la carte. It is the product that adapts to the individual, not the other way around.


Brands must prove that they want to engage with the consumer by showing they are able to listen to and support them. Brands must be present and available to prove they care.


Consumers expect to be helped to consume better and consume less. Brands have to innovate for society’s benefit, and help consumers change their consumption habits.