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Parent Company: Asahi Group Holdings Ltd.

Brand Value: $322 Mil.

Headquarter City: Enschede

Category: Beer

Year formed: 1615

Grolsch was founded in 1615 and is one of the oldest companies in the Netherlands. It earned the prefix “Royal” in 1995 in recognition of its contributions to Dutch heritage. Indeed, for all its international expansion — Grolsch is available in 70 countries – Grolsch remains one of the Netherlands’ most loved premium beers, instantly recognizable for its swing-top bottle. Grolsch used this unique brand asset in March 2018 when launching a new brand campaign called “taste character,” showing this swing-top bottle during typical and recognizable Grolsch moments. Other brand communications focus on the love of brewers and connoisseurs: taglines like “Craftmanship is mastery,” “Beer-experts ask for Grolsch,” and “One day you will stop drinking beer and start drinking Grolsch,” underscore its premium position. In April 2016, Grolsch was sold to the Ashai Group by SABMiller, which had bought the brand some ten years earlier. The move has enabled Grolsch to expand abroad, and to share its messaging about craft, passion, and creativity — as exemplified by its sponsorships of the Toronto International Film Festival and FC Twente. Shares in parent company Asahi Group Holdings Ltd. are traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.