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Gudang Garam

Gudang Garam

Company: PT Gudang Garam Tbk

Brand value US$2,442 million

Year on Year Change: 6%

Headquarter city: Kediri, Java  

Category: Tobacco

Year formed: 1958

Gudang Garam is a leading brand of traditional Indonesian kretek (clove) cigarettes. Its range caters to young and old, as well as smokers looking for an economical cigarette, and the premium end of the market; there is a budget, machine-rolled option, and a more upmarket, more expensive hand-rolled variety. Gudang Garam is exported to markets including Malaysia and Japan, and to markets across the Middle East. The brand’s tagline is “Pria Punya Selera” (Men’s Taste), and the brand sponsors music events to reach young adult smokers with its GG brand. Recent CSR efforts include sending emergency supplies – including field hospitals – to Lombok following an earthquake. Gudang garam is also building a commercial airport in Kediri, the area from which the brand originates. Gudang Garam’s share price hit a record high in March 2019, after plans to introduce a tobacco tax were shelved by the government.