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Hair care takes to the road in bus campaign



COMPANY Unilever Indonesia Tbk PT

BRAND VALUE US $236 million



INDUSTRY Personal Care



Clear has become one of the most successful shampoo brands in Indonesia, as an anti-dandruff product in a country where the heat and humidity are thought to contribute to dandruff being a common complaint for both men and women. In the past year, the brand’s focus has been on Clear’s role in combating dandruff to help people keep a cool head. Outdoor activation to support this includes touring several cities with a specially equipped Ice Cool Bus, offering on-the-spot hair care solutions. The brand is positioned as functional but also glamorous and cool. For its Ramadan 2017 campaign, Clear’s #pakaikepaladingin (keep a cool head) campaign used TV to tell the story of a married couple – played by celebrity actors - in lighthearted situations where they needed to keep a cool, clear head to solve everyday problems. In early 2017, Clear launched a new variant, Anti-Dandruff Sakura Fresh, with sakura cherry blossom, promoted by model and actor Sandra Dewi. Digital advertising continues to be a significant part of Clear’s advertising spend. Unilever Indonesia is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.