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Halal tourism - the next big thing

Serene Loo

Business Director



Halal tourism - the next big thing

The Halal tourism industry is undergoing a massive boom, which means more comfort and convenience for Muslim travelers. The industry is expected to be worth US$274 billion by 2023 – 55 percent higher than in 2017.

Muslims of the Baby Boomer Generation would have been content holidaying in Muslim-majority countries like the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia.

However, with spending power growing, younger Muslims crave more “exotic” locations. These young, educated, and mobile-first Muslim consumers are the fastest-growing demographics on the global tourism scene. Demand for authentic, local Halal food (trust me, we don’t eat biryani, curry and kebabs every single meal) has grown so much!

Where safety concerns and basic Halal requirements are being met, Muslim tourism will continue to grow rapidly. Halal tech firms have a first-mover advantage, but we can expect more major western online travel agencies to take a growing interest in this promising market.

Who is to say that we won’t one day see an all-inclusive Club Med resort that fully caters to the needs of Muslim travelers? Will more islands or cities become completely Muslim-friendly? We can definitely expect more to come.