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Healthcare : Value rises robustly on wellness trend

Newcomer brands offer vitamins, dietary supplements


Driven by middle class consumer concern with health and wellness, and government healthcare policy reforms, healthcare became one of the fastest-rising categories in the BrandZ™ China Top 100, increasing 46 percent in value, after an increase of only 3 percent a year ago.


Yunnan Baiyao rose 18 percent, while Tong Ren Tang and CR Sanjiu increased more modestly. However, two of the newcomer brands that entered the ranking for the first time this year came from the healthcare category. Dong EE Jiao makes and markets traditional Chinese medicines.  By-Health concentrates on vitamins and other dietary supplements.


Yunnan Baiyao continued to offer a wide range of medicines and personal care products. Its toothpaste is the No. 1 Chinese toothpaste brand. It features properties that control bleeding, which is the benefit Yunnan Baiyao is historically known for.


Tong Ren Tang, the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) brand established in 1669, leveraged its long heritage to introduce a line of TCM cosmetics. CR Sanjiu, a market leader in several over-the-counter pharmacy sectors, entered a joint venture with Sanofi, a global health solutions provider, to focus on OTC pediatric and gynecological products.


Dong EE Jiao offers health and beauty products from a gelatin contained in donkey skin. By-Health sources raw materials globally for its organic products.  Both brands benefited from recent Chinese government laws designed to make the products safer. And both brands have global ambitions.