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Heavy hitters come top of the league


The value of the BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable UK Brands 2017 is concentrated at the top of the ranking, with banks, telecoms and utilities brands taking eight of first 10 places. The top two brands alone – Vodafone and HSBC – between them account for 21 percent of the brand value of the entire Top 50.


Such a high concentration of brand value at the top of the ranking is consistent with rankings in other countries around the world. There is less concentration at the top of the Global Top 50 ranking because there are so many global mega brands, and their scale is more evenly matched.





Categories and brands


The UK’s role as a global financial centre means it’s not surprising that banks, insurers make a sizeable contribution to the shape and scale of the Top 50 UK Brands ranking. There are 11 banking and insurance brands in the ranking, which contribute 21 percent of the total value of the Top 50. Financial services brands tend to feature highly in BrandZ™ country rankings around the world; their financial scale gives them a head start, and the best of them capitalise on that strength with investment in brand building.


The brands that power people’s homes and cars also help drive value in the BrandZ™ Top 50; oil and gas, energy, and logistics brands contribute $36 billion to the ranking’s total value.


Entertainment and telecom providers are closely related to one another in this market, with many of the businesses providing phone, internet and TV connections also providing entertainment content and news. There are just eight brands in this segment, but they account for almost one-third of the Top 50’s value.


Retail brands feature strongly in the UK ranking. While a few decades ago, individually owned shops were interspersed with a few national supermarkets on the nation’s high streets, the retail landscape is now almost exclusively national chains. The nine retail brands in the ranking cater to a range of budgets, and between them contribute $25 billion to the value of the Top 50.


A range of household brands, specialising in everything from tea and coffee to skincare and clothing, take 7 places in the UK ranking; these are generally small compared to some of the other categories but they’re often among the most loved.





HSBC is the highest-ranking banking brand in the UK and takes second place in the Top 50. Financial services brands are far from the most loved category in the UK, and “the bankers” are frequently seen as personifying much of what’s wrong with the world. In this climate, HSBC has been promoting specific services and the brand more generally by telling heart-warming stories of individuals pursuing their ambitions, often with a focus on children and families.