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Parent Company: HEMA B.V.

Brand Value: US$336 Mil.

Headquarter City: Amsterdam

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1926

HEMA is a Dutch department store focused on design and value. From the beginning, HEMA has been a department store for “ordinary people,” focusing on a “democratic design” approach for shoppers of all income levels. Products are arrayed in different in-store “worlds” ranging from food to home to fashion to beauty – all packaged in optimistic, clear, and typically Dutch ways. HEMA is the first and largest franchising organization in the Netherlands; today, HEMA has more than 775 stores across 12 countries. With a combined social media reach of 1 million, HEMA commands a sizable online presence for its online and mobile stores. In February 2019, HEMA won the Campaign Diversity Award in the Netherlands for supporting the Dutch LGBTQ community. HEMA’s budget offerings have insulated it from some of the pressures facing other department stores, and HEMA continues to expand abroad and looking for new initiatives to grow. Since 2019 products are present at Walmart.com, and in 2020 HEMA products became available at Jumbo. Over the last years, HEMA has had various investors and is facing a takeover again. This time the public has gotten involved in rooting for the store’s success, which shows the strength of the brand.

Responsibility index: 106