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Company: Hennessy Louis Vuitton SE

Brand value: US$3,335 million

Headquarter city: Cognac

Industry: Alcohol

Year formed: 1765

Hennessy is the biggest-selling brand of cognac in the world, made according to the same processes used by the first cellar masters in 1800 and passed through generations of the Fillioux family. The brand embodies three core values: the spirit of conquest, sharing, and a taste for excellence. Restrictions on alcohol advertising mean the brand’s public activies are limited, but Hennessy launched a large-scale global campaign to mark its 250th anniversary, in 2015, which is still under way. The celebratory world tour – a traveling exhibition – recently made a stop in New York City as it continues its journey. Sales of Hennessy, nicknamed “brown gold”, reached record levels in 2016, with almost 180 million bottles sold worldwide. The original Hennessy product remains unchanged, though new lines have been added to the range to meet the changing needs of consumers, and demand for even greater exclusivity in some of the brand’s newer markets. Alongside the classic VS, VSOP and the flagship Hennessy XO ranges, the brand periodically offers limited-edition products and launches new lines . “Pure White” Hennessy was launched in 2007 to boost consumption in bars, Hennessy Black followed in 2009 to represent the allure of the night, and Paradis Horus has been developed especially for Russian and Asian consumers. Jas Hennessy & Co is a subsidiary of the LVMH group, which is listed on Euronext Paris.