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Company: LVMH Group

Brand Value: US$ 3,990 million

Change since 2018: 20%

Headquarter City: Cognac

Category: Alcohol

Year Formed: 1765

Hennessy is the largest-selling brand of cognac in the world, made according to the same processes used by the first cellar masters in the 18th century. The original Hennessy product remains unchanged, though new lines have at times been added to the range to meet the changing needs of consumers. Alongside the classic VS, VSOP and the flagship Hennessy XO ranges, the brand periodically offers numbered limited-edition products, due to demand for even greater exclusivity in some of the brand’s newer markets. Advertising is adapted to each country and the target market for different variants. In the US, the rapper Nas promotes VO in a campaign focused on the idea of striving for success, underlined by the slogan “Never Stop Never Settle”. For VSOP, a more premium proposition with an older drinker profile, advertising has focused on the superior distilling process that creates “mastery from the chaos” of nature.