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Company: Hermès International S.A

Brand value: US$25,951 million

Headquarter city: Paris

Industry: Luxury

Year formed: 1837

Hermes is a luxury goods brands best known for its silk scarves and leather handbags, as well as home furnishings, perfumery, jewelry and ready-to-wear clothing. The brand celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. It promotes timeless design over keeping pace with trends; its most coveted Kelly bag has been made since the 1950s and the similarly prized Birkin range since the 1980s. Hermes has become a global luxury icon, with approximately 300 stores around the world; recent openings include new stores in Macau, Hong Kong Airport, and Chongqing in mainland China, and renovations to key stores in Singapore, Philadelphia and Rome. The brand has been enjoying sales growth at a rate that outperforms the luxury market, with sales up 7.4 percent in 2016. New product launches include the fragances Galop d’Hermès in late 2016 and Eau des Merveilles Bleue in March 2017, and Hermes has worked in collaboration with Apple to develop the Apple Watch V2. In several global markets, the brand has launched temporary pop-up concepts called Hermesmatic, resembling a retro laundromat but with Hermes signature orange decor throughout. Customers can visit to dye and update their Hermes scarves. In its communications this year, the brand takes the theme “Objects for Life” in which the Hermes items themselves, rather than the models wearing or holding them, take center stage. Hermes was founded by Thierry Hermes and is majority owned by the Dumas family that has been involved with the brand since its launch. Axel Dumas the current CEO, and shares are traded on the Euronext Paris.