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Company: Hermès International

Brand Value: US$ 31,520 million

Change since 2018: 21%

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Luxury

Year Formed: 1837

Hermès is a luxury brand best known for its silk scarves and leather handbags, particularly the iconic Kelly and Birkin bags, which are sought after the world over. The brand has around 300 stores globally, and has enjoyed strong sales worldwide in 2018, with especially powerful momentum in China and the broader Asian region. In Europe, Hermès has launched its new Hermes.com website, offering both e-commerce and editorial content. This year, the brand has focused on the theme “Let’s Play!” in its communications, highlighting the importance of enjoyment as a driver of creativity and innovation. This is reflected in its Carréoké video campaign, featuring dancing millennials. In New York, Hermès has launched an immersive brand experience – the Hermès Carré Club – where visitors can see silk artisans at work, relax in the Carré Café, sing their hearts out at "Carré-OK", or dance the night away at the Carré Disco.