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Hertog Jan

Hertog Jan

Parent Company: Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV

Brand Value: US$319 Mil.

Headquarter City: Arcen

Category: Beer

Year formed: 1915

Hertog Jan’s focus on premium beers has helped it retain loyal drinkers even as customers’ palates grow more sophisticated. The brand is eager to compete on taste and quality, as it is widely seen as a brewer with a meaningful edge in crafting delicious beer. Every year Hertog Jan’s limited edition “Grand Prestige” releases burnish the label by showcasing new types of craft technique (for instance, aging in oak barrels); Hertog Jan’s brewers are a star focus of many brand communications, and can be met during brewery tours. One effective campaign featured employees at the brand’s Arcen Brewery working, “Out of the love for beer.” The brand’s credibility in the craft space has recently allowed them to expand their range into non-alcoholic and radler categories. In COVID-19 pandemic, Hertog Jan supported their cafes by donating all revenues of a special beer to some of their key cafés.

Responsibility index: 105