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Company: Hipp GmbH & Co Vertrieb KG

Brand value: US$744 million

Headquarter city: Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm

Category: Food and Dairy

Year formed: 1932


HiPP baby food began when Joseph Hipp first made children's rusk flour and sold it in his pastry shop. His son Georg Hipp sold the increasingly popular product in Munich and the surrounding area door to door, until he founded his own company in 1932 called Nährmittel Hipp. The range saw strong growth after World War II, and has since grown to become the undisputed leader in baby food in Germany. HiPP continues to offer a very wide product portfolio in baby food, and frequently launches or revises the range to adapt to changing consumer tastes and needs. As well as being a premium baby food producer, HiPP also makes food products for toddlers and older children, and a range of non-food babycare items that it positions as products the whole family can use. HiPP is seen as a leader in the sector, and its innovations tend to be quickly copied by its competitors. There is a strong focus in communications on the organic ingredients used in HiPP baby food, the health benefits of its products, and its support for bio-organic farming and living in harmony with the environment. Ads all feature company boss Claus Hipp stating “Dafur stehe ich mit meinem Namen” – “I put my own name to this”, which helps build trust. Ads for the newer products addressing toddlers and older children target this audience directly, rather than parents, with colorful cartoon animals and fun music. The current low birth rate in Germany means international markets are increasingly important for HiPP. Key markets outside Germany include the Baltics, Benelux countries, the UK, Russia, Scandinavia, South Africa, Turkey, China and Vietnam. The company remains family-owned, with several family members on the management board.