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Company: Hiscox Ltd

Brand value: US$679 million

Change since 2019: -26%

Headquarter city: Hamilton, Bermuda

Category: Insurance

Year formed: 1901

Hiscox is a specialist insurer that underwrites a diverse range of personal and commercial insurance risks. It operates in 14 countries around the world, and in the UK, Hiscox provides home insurance cover for over 60,000 homes. In late 2019, Hiscox launched its FloodPlus AR app, using augmented reality to bring to life the threat to coastal towns and cities due to rising sea levels. This year, Hiscox has announced a partnership with LeakBot, the smart water leak alarm, to provide its leading leak detection system to customers. The move makes Hiscox the first UK insurer to offer a free Leakbot to all new and existing buildings insurance customers; if the device detects a leak, it notifies the customer and links them with experts who can help find and fix the problem. The Hiscox Group has a strong charitable arm and in 2019 donated over $1 million to more than 180 charities around the world. Its focus is on education, medical science, the arts, independent living for the elderly, and disadvantaged or vulnerable members of society.