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How to give brands a new lease on life


How to give brands a new lease on life

We have established that Meaningful Difference gives brands a clear advantage over their competitors, contributing to strong brand value growth.

The key question then is: how do brands improve their Meaningful Difference? Well, they need to work on their health and, just as there are many contributors to human wellbeing, there are multiple factors that play a part in developing the health of a brand.

BrandZ analysis has identified five key attributes shared by healthy, valuable and Meaningfully Different brands.

1 Brand health starts with having a purpose; something a brand does that makes people’s live better.

2 Brands must be innovative ideally in a way that underlines that purpose, which means they’re seen as leading the way in their sector and shaking things up.

3 They must also be creative, with powerful, memorable advertising and communications.

4 They provide a great brand experience that meets consumers’ needs, and are available when and where consumers need them.

5  Over time, consumers develop a strong sense of love towards a brand. Innovation often leads to love, and love can help sustain a brand during the gaps between innovations.

A brand’s scores on each of the five measures are combined to make its “Vitality Quotient” or vQ – a single figure that serves as a summary of its health.

When a brand is strong on all five of these attributes (scoring significantly above average), they have healthy “vital signs” and we say they’re healthy brands overall.

If a brand is lacking in any one area, they are at risk of damaging their brand health and underperforming in the market. If they fail on all five measures (a score of 99 or less compared to an average score for all brands of 100), they are classed as being “frail”.

The Top 50 Indonesian brands are a generally healthy-looking bunch compared to those in nearby markets.

Leading the race for brand fitness

There are three Indonesian brands that appear in the Top 5 for every one of the five aspects of health. Traveloka, Indomie and GOJEK are consistently high performers, showing that the category in which a brand operates is no barrier to be a fighting-fit brand.

Leading Top 50 Brands for Purpose

The average of all brands is 100

International brands that are strong performers for purpose in Indonesia include Dancow and Carrefour.

** Traveloka is the most Purposeful brand in the country, making it easier for people to make the journeys they dream of, in just the way they want, on their budget. The range of travel-related services has gradually expanded to allow every aspect of a trip to be organized in one place, and there are helpful tools such as real-time flight trackers and the option to pay in instalments.

Leading Top 50 Brands for Innovation

The average of all brands is 100

Other brands that Indonesian consumers perceive to be innovative include Netflix and Coca-Cola.

**GOJEK is an outstanding innovator in a crowded field of innovative brands. Along with speed and creating a social impact, innovation is one of what the brand considers its three core strengths. It has gone from a 20-bike ride-hailing service to the launch pad for everything from home-delivered hot meals to courier services and even beauty treatments on demand.

Leading Top 50 Brands for Communications

The average of all brands is 100

International brands that stand out as great communicators in this market include McDonald’s and Pantene.

**SariWangi inspires feelings of togetherness with its consistent focus on tradition, both at the national scale and within families and friendship groups. The brand’s tagline, “Teh Berkualitas Pilihan Indonesia” (High quality tea chosen by Indonesians), underlines its pride in being both high quality and a local favorite, while its long-running “Let’s Talk” campaign has shown the way that sharing a simple cup of tea can bring families together and help them discuss important issues.

Leading Top 40 Brands for Experience

The average of all brands is 100

Carrefour and Bear Brand are the leading brands from outside Indonesia that are seen as delivering an outstanding experience.

** Tokopedia is a strong local performer on experience, with an index of 119 putting it well ahead of the average brand, on 100. The brand has worked hard to remove pain points for consumers when they’re shopping online, such as giving them the option to pay using OVO. Shoppers can also opt to shop in a zone within the portal where all goods are immediately available and are guaranteed to be authentic.

Leading Top 40 Brands for Love

The average of all brands is 100

KFC and Royco are some of Indonesia’s most-loved international brands.

** Indomie noodles have been part of people’s lives for generations. The brand launched in 1972, and retains consumer interest by regularly releasing a host of new flavors that provide a fresh take on traditional Indonesian recipes. In combination with innovative products, Indomie uses novel communications – such as sponsorship of the Asian Games, and an Instagram celebration of unusual noodle recipes – to bring in the next generation of Indomie lovers.