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Human Brands

Growing human brands

Andreas Christiadi

Country Head – VML Indonesia

VML Indonesia


Building brands that feel human requires a business to nurture its workforce in a way that also feels human. Here are four human traits for businesses that want to drive growth in human brands.

  1. Speak like a person - for a brand to achieve this, we need people working on the brand, to become the brand, and live its philosophy and personality. How can they drive a brand to speak like a person till they adopt the persona of the brand?
  2. Be on hand to help – we need brand owners who believe customer service is a defining part of a brand experience. Whether it be store staff or call center employees, brands need to motivate them to deliver impeccable service at all levels.
  3. Show your flaws – being human is being flawed. We make mistakes, and so do brands. The humility and ability to fail – and learn from our failings – will differentiate brand owners who can create human brands vs. those who can’t.
  4. Tap into emotion – to tap into data that can drive emotional, human experiences, we need a workforce that feels. Employees should be encouraged to be passionate about a brand’s reason for being.