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Hungry Jacks

Hungry Jack’s

Company: Restaurant Brands International Inc.

Brand value: US$429 million

Change since 2018: 9%

Headquarter city: Sydney

Industry: Fast Food

Year formed: 1971

Hungry Jack’s is the exclusive franchise of Burger King in Australia and is home to the Whopper and other items available at Burger King globally. There are close to 400 outlets across Australia. Hungry Jack’s is one of several fast food brands riding the wave of rising demand for meat-free meals, and in 2019 introduced a plant-based patty and the “Impossible Whopper”. It is working with menuLog to deliver online Hungry Jack’s orders to over 1,600 suburbs. Last summer, Hungry Jack’s recruited Japanese YouTube sensation Pikotaro, better known as the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen guy, to parody his viral smash hit song with a “summer BBQ Whopper” version. The brand’s tagline has long been “The burgers taste better at Hungry Jack’s, and there has been some jovial jousting between Hungry Jack’s and Victoria Bitter. VB made the tagline its own, claiming “The beers are better at Victoria Bitter”; Hungry Jack’s responded with its own take on VB’s slogan, saying “A hard-earned hunger needs a big juicy burger”.