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Company: TPG Telecom Limited

Brand value: US$594

Change since 2018: 2%

Headquarter city: Perth

Industry: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 1993

iiNet provides broadband, mobile phone and television services and prides itself on friendly customer service and quality. The brand has been the subject of scrutiny in the past year over the broadband speeds it advertises and those actually achieved by customers. In March 2018, the Competition and Consumer Commission ordered iiNet to refund 8,000 customers who had been promised speeds that the company couldn’t provide. In July, iiNet speeds were reported to be 5.2 percent slower than in the first quarter of the year, and were now only at around 83 percent of advertised connection speeds. iiNet is not the only broadband provider in this situation; the regulator says 13 percent of all National Broadband Network services are underperforming. This is a fiercely competitive market, and while iiNet came bottom of the list in January for speed of internet connections, it was only 0.28Mbps behind winner Telstra. iiNet communications tend to take a humorous approach to what’s possible online.