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Improving lives

Important mission: improving lives

Chaiyren Olivia Herman
Account Manager
Kantar Millward Brown


Nunik Rahayu
Senior Research Executive
Kantar Millward Brown

Kantar’s Trends of Indonesia research shows that our nation is an inclusive society, which means it is fundamental for brands to show that they are making consumers’ lives better. Brands should be focused on this purpose, and fueled by meaningful innovation, if they are to be seen as leaders. Effective communication of this mission – and the development of a relevant consumer experience – is how we bring this brand purpose to life.

Indonesian consumers are pursuing a higher quality of life and are making greater demands for convenience. This is due to people’s increasingly demanding lifestyles, and the rising number of working women. Growing brands like Traveloka and Go-Jek have leveraged this shift in behavior and have innovated by creating convenient experiences.

Without making such a step change to concentrate on purpose, innovation and experience, it will be a challenge for brands to grow. It is therefore crucial that brands are the focal point for consumers looking to improve their lives.