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India | Category Summaries: Alcoholic Drinks

India is a key focus for global spirits producers seeking sales growth opportunities as their core markets mature.

International players are attracted to the substantial size of the Indian market, with about 485 million Indians currently of drinking age. In addition, per capita alcohol consumption is relatively low, but increasing by 10 to 15 percent annually, according to some predictions, with the number of drinkers expected to increase by 150 million over the next five years.

Factors driving this growth include the increased purchasing power of the middle class, the growing acceptance of alcohol consumption, and the greater financial and social independence of Indian women.

The regulatory environment moderates this growth, however, prohibiting liquor advertising. Restrictions have forced marketers to respond with clever digital campaigns, stealth ads for soft drink mixers branded the same as the liquor, and innovative packaging aimed at new young drinkers. And brands have introduced low-alcohol products to reach women drinkers.

The alcoholic drinks category includes spirits and beer.