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India | Category Summaries: Home Care

Typically a fairly staid category, home care products in India are experiencing a surge of interest. That’s mostly because, as purchasing power rises, more households own washers and dryers and have the disposable income necessary for value-added products.

Growing awareness and concern about health and hygiene also is expected to drive category sales and product innovation. At the same time, both rural and urban consumers, regardless of income, remain concerned about value for money. Innovation will need to be accompanied by affordability.

The home care category consists predominantly of dishwashing bars and liquids, detergents, and household supplies. It developed over the past century as MNCs (Multinational Corporations), such as Hindustan Unilever, introduced new products and educated users about benefits, which often included added convenience.

The home care category includes laundry products and household supplies like mosquito repellents.