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India | The BrandZ™ brand valuation contact details

The brand valuations in the BrandZ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Indian Brands are produced by Millward Brown using financial data from Bloomberg.

The consumer viewpoint is derived from the BrandZ™ database. Established in 1998 and constantly updated, this database of brand analytics and equity is the world’s largest, containing over two million consumer interviews about more than 10,000 different brands in over 30 countries.

For further information about BrandZ™ contact any WPP Group company or:

Doreen Wang

Global Director, BrandZ™ Millward Brown

+1 212 548 7231


Martin Guerrieria
Global Research Director,


+44 (0) 207 126 5073

Elspeth Cheung

Global BrandZ™ Valuation Director, BrandZ™ Millward Brown

+44 (0) 20 7126 5174



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