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India 2015: Brand Building: Youth

Cool attitudes of youth are reshaping traditional Indian life and values

To reach these influential young people, brands need to speak their language 

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That India is a young country is an oft-repeated cliche?. And this young India is not only driving the nation’s economy, but also its way of thinking. While most brands define youth as their ideal target group, how many are actually able to speak their language?

In our quest to decode the ideal language to connect with youth in India, we recognized that the globally relevant phenomenon of “coolness” also finds huge traction with Indian youth. However, this “Cool Quotient” that makes brands desirable to Indian youth, can’t be replicated from global success stories.

India has its own brand of cool, and during our journey we discovered some quintessential ingredients that help infuse the “Cool Quotient” into brands. We call them the “Cool Mantras.”


So how can a brand be cool to today’s youth? How can it successfully emulate and embrace the Indian cultural codes of cool? 

Cool mantras to remember when talking to Indian youth


Finally, a word of caution: Mantras for a brand to be cool are not rules. Rather they are beliefs by which brands can guide their actions to deliver a brand relevant to the young. If you’re trying too hard, it’s probably not cool.